Parish Staff 

Rev. Robert J. Ahlin, Parish Priest 
Deacon Dan, Pastoral Associate  
Ms. Cheryl DePretis, Office Manager 
Ms. Cindy Depretis, Mass Intentions 
Ms. Elaine Garfold, CCD Coordinator 
Anthony Bradley, Youth Ministers 
Mr. John Reitmeyer, Maintenance Supervisor
Ms. Karen Murphy, Music Minister

Bulletin Deadline:Friday 12:00 Noon
(Please note: this is the Friday one week before publication)

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Mass Intentions  
We are currently accepting mass intentions:
 Though June 30, 2017

Mass requests can be made by mail, through the collection basket or by stopping at the Church Rectory, Tuesday through Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. No requests will be taken over the phone.

To insure equitable and fair distribution of Masses, please check our guidelines for our 2017 Mass Intentions Policy. 
 Click here for the Mass Intentions Policy and Form

Parish Membership 

New Members are always welcome!

If you are moving into, within, or out of the Parish, please call the Rectory Office and let us know.

(412) 461-6906 Ext: 10


Infant baptism is celebrated every Sunday at 1:15 p.m. Please contact the Rectory Office to make arrangements. (412) 461-6906


The sacrament of penance is celebrated Saturday evening 5:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. and the First Friday of each month after each mass. 


Please contact the Rectory Office at least six months before the wedding (412) 461-6906 Ext: 11

Ministry to the Homebound 
Homebound members of the Parish should contact the Rectory Office to make arrangements to receive Holy Communion at home. Those in the hospital should inform the Rectory Office.

(412) 461-6906 Ext: 19

Use of the Holy Angels Parish Hall

• Registered parishioners may request the use of the parish hall following a funeral.

• Parish functions have priority.

• No alcohol may be served.

• Food must be catered or prepared elsewhere. 

• The condition of the hall is to be maintained. Garbage must be bagged and ordinary clean up is expected. 

• If necessary, security should be provided.  

• Although there is no charge for the use of the hall a donation toward the electricity, supplies and maintenance is appreciated.

General Information 

A Pennsylvania Charitable Trust

Roman Catholic Church  

Parish Membership: x 10 Baptisms: x  10
Marriage: x 11
Home Bound Ministry: x 19
RCIA: x 11 or x 19
Mass Intentions:  x 18 
CCD: x 23